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Exercise diagrams for Fitness Publishers, Gyms and Persoanl Trainers

Fitness Illustrated is a comprehensive archive of instructional exercise illustration. From stretching to free weights exercises, sport specific movements to anatomical diagrams, we provide simple and descriptive illustrations specific to the fitness industry. Simply search for exercises by muscle group worked in our Illustration Services section.

We also provide Branding Services specificaly for clients in the Health and Fitness industry. Whether you are looking for a new company logo, promotional posters / leaflets, branded clothing or persoanl training literature to give to your clients we can provide a top level graphic design service.


Can you commission illustration from Fitness Illustrated?

Yes, absolutely. If you cannot find what you are looking for in our archive we can create illustrations for you based on your specification. You can chose from male or female characters and specify the type of kit you wish them to wear. It can even be branded with your company logo!


For more details about commissioning work click here.

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